About us

As Kampa BV, we are active in the railway sector as a supplier of various innovative products, both on the infrastructure side as well as on the rolling stock side. This not only includes  noise reduction at source, but also systems/products that reduce the LCC (Life Cycle Costs).

For a continuous basic flow for a number of European manufacturers, we also actively provide the Dutch marketplace with spare components and wear parts such as  train wheels and brake pads.

We don't only provide solutions for damping the vibrations of rails or wheels, but also develop damping systems for steel bridges.

We offer solutions for infrastructural products and rolling stock. But our service goes further. Kampa provides, advises and stands for thorough project management. Are there any noise reduction queries? We can help to achieve flexible and creative solutions. Comprehensive tests of solutions that we or our suppliers undertake, include vibration analyses, modal analyses and fatigue tests.

We work in close collaboration with five well-known suppliers of dampers, wheels and friction materials. We combine our knowledge and experience to offer you the best solutions to either reduce noise or lower LCC.

We'd be happy to exchange thoughts. Don't hesitate to phone us with your queries.

Aside from running the company, I think it's nice to be at home. I have a wonderful wife and two children aged nearly 14 and 11. They make sure that I like being home and after a trip it's also very nice to have a stable home base.

My hobby is sport in general, but particularly cycling. Cycling is my real passion. That initially started about 20 years ago with mountain-biking. About 10 years later the racing bike was added. In the last few years I've also been a member of Velo-Amice, a group of cycling fanatics from Oosterhout, who have united into a cycling club.

The following are references from satisfied customers.


In search of a solution for noise damping for rail projects? Kampa is the ideal specialist for noise reduction at source for rail projects. Whether you're looking for rail dampers or noise-damping train components: we can help you find the best solution and we can deliver it. To achieve this we work in collaboration with well-known partners like Schrey & Veit, Wabtec and CDM. Due to our many years' worth of experience, we are the perfect partner to find the best possible solution in the field of noise reduction.

Infrastructural products

Kampa BV provides innovative products that contribute towards the reduction of LCC (Life Cycle Costs). Other innovative products reduce noise at source whereby local residents suffer less nuisance from railway noise.

Rolling stock

Kampa has a wide range of rolling stock on offer. We deliver high-grade products with long-lasting durability. This includes innovative products enabling rolling stock to travel as silently as possible.